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BAM in motion

BAM in motion makes micro movies that focus on the acting; actors connecting with real people, stories that mean something and moments that move. 

Bam in motion is not an independent production company. It’s a division of BAM management that serves as a creative outlet for clients to connect, strengthen bonds in our family, get exposure and generate some good footage. Additionally we support blossoming and learning artists, to help guide and advise them with their projects. 

ardor. Movie Poster 1.png
Status: Festival Submission Process




  1. enthusiasm or passion.

In a not too distant future, a blossoming couple must decide how far they will go for the things and people for which they have ardor.

Status: Festival Submission Process

It's the last minute on earth and Bobby and Patty have a lot of a lot to talk about on their final date. 

Holy Moly Meteorite (1).png
ITIB Poster 6.2023.jpg
Status: Festival Submission Process

I Think it's Broken is a conversation between a fractured couple dealing with the loss of their infant.

Status: Festival Submissions

A man riddled with alcoholism and hatred of his own skin finds solace and purpose in a teen girl who has been following him.

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No Strings Attached Poster.png
Status: Post Production

Info Coming Soon

Status: Post Production

Info Coming Soon

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Status: Post Production

Two lifelong friends meet to discuss growing up and moving forward with and without traditions.

Status: Festival Submission Process

Remorseful about giving away what the world has deemed her most precious asset, this first-time bowler wrestles with a world where virginity is personified into a tangible v-card.

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Year 10 (1).png
Status: Post Production

Every year they meet. This time might actually make a difference.

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